Station Queues Drive Me Mad!

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By I_am_Mummy | Thursday, June 17, 2010, 13:49

I am so frustrated by the ridiculous queues at Staines station. And it's not the people who are queuing that drive me mad, it's the station staff who do nothing to reduce the size of the lines!

It doesn't seem to matter what time of day I go down there, there's always a queue crawling along.

One time I went at about 4.30 in the afternoon and the ticket office was shut, the ticket machine inside was broken and there were about six people trying to buy tickets from the frustratingly laborious ticket machine outside. All this and there were at least three staff members just standing around in the ticket hall.

As the time for the train to arrive drew ever nearer and the queue moved painfully slowly I asked one of the staff if he could open a window to serve some of us. He said he would ask someone but when I went back some minutes later he was still just standing there. It drives me nuts! In the end I think he realised how ridiculous it was as he started saying he would let people through the barrier without a ticket and we could buy one on the train, but that can involve a row with the guard or station staff at your destination. I just don't understand why there are so many South West Trains staff apparently standing around doing nothing when they could be moving people through at twice the rate. What do they do all day??

During rush hours it's even worse. People regularly miss trains because the queues are so long, there's no one serving and the ticket machines are regularly broken. Sometimes you have to run over the bridge to try to buy a ticket from the other platform. And with hundreds of kids coming through daily now to visit Thorpe Park you'd think they'd want to be providing a better service to their regular, local customers.

Is it just me or does this wind other people up as well?



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    I am sure they must have other things to do during the day. But then they can at least help people in the situations like this or at least do not stand there with machine in your hand and then refuse to help!!!

    By manyaonIsland at 15:05 on 18/08/10

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    Ha!! I'm so glad it's not just me who loves a good rant about it. It drives me mad the blokes who just stand there! How much do they earn an hour for just standing there doing nothing and watching people miss their trains???

    By I_am_Mummy at 14:30 on 18/08/10

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    No it is not only you who have to face this.

    I am a regular commuter using the trains and as i travel only 4 day a week the weekly pass is an expensive proposition for me so I have to rely on the daily ticket. The situation gets very tricky specially in the morning time where every minute counts. When I anticipate that there would be people queing up for tickets there are hardly any or the train is late and then when I am bit late, as I have to cross the high street near iron bridge which is very busy in the morning and at times have to wait good 5 mins before signal changes, guess what !! there is a long queue or train is BANG on time (before time at times with 40 sec door close drama!). The worst part of all this is there is staff member standing (doing nothing), with the ticket machine in his hands and knowing that queue us building up and half the people will miss the train, does noting other than giving cool stare at the queue. If you try to ask them, no matter how politely, about whether you can buy a ticket from them, they just point to the machine. For god sake, I can see the machine no need to point that again and you can see the queue so if you are not doing anything other than looking up the people passing through the barriers then you better help me getting one ticket with the machines you have in your hand. Barriers will make sure that only the people with valid tickets will be getting through that is their job so you better do yours in the morning. For that reason you have been handed one of those machine.

    Their argument, which I feel completely baseless, is they will only issue a ticket if the machine is broken!! Come on! No harm helping people getting on in the morning time so what if the machines are working as there are more people queuing up for tickets. No one, including the south west trains, will be blaming them for doing so! Even worst I have got the classics from the staff – try to come early here! Oh yeah I am going to be there from 6 am … that helps !!!

    By manyaonIsland at 13:08 on 18/08/10

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    I know what you mean. I've lost count of the amount of times I've watched my train pull away whilst I was standing in a motionless queue.

    By English Martial Arts Academy at 12:56 on 18/06/10

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    I often get caught in queues at the station too. And as I am always late this means I often miss my train.
    I think they should have some kind of fast track thing for the Thorpe Park kids. When the buses come in to the station at the end of the day there's instant chaos at the station. They ought to get them through the barriers and out of the way of commuters as fast as possible.

    By StaineSiobhan at 14:17 on 17/06/10

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