Going to the Staines Royal Mail Delivery Office – watch out!

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By geen_grind | Wednesday, January 04, 2012, 19:53

The Delivery Office is located in Hawthorne Road off the Causeway and

it is a "private" road. Never knew that.

There are clampers working in their usual

way without any compassion and will clamp your car immediately you turn the

ignition off.

The usual unjustified unclamping fee applies.

There are warning notices on the lampposts.

Thank you to the Royal Mail staff for

putting up a warning sign by their gate – park inside the delivery office.

Have you been clamped?



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    No, unfortunately because they do have signs on display in several places down the road - however small - they are operating within the law. Although those who paid up on the spot - if they were charged £130 - are entitled to a refund of at least some money because the signs clearly say there is a fast payment fee reduction to £70.
    I will try to find the article I read that had the quote from the boss of the company offering to help those who'd been stung, and will post it.
    I also believe that the council in Windsor prevented the company from operating there by issuing them with an ASBO!

    By StaineSiobhan at 20:29 on 11/01/12

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    Pleased to hear that yellow lines have been painted. I had a letter to collect before Christmas and my husband drove me round as we had heard all the news of clampers waiting to pounce. As I waited in the queue everyone was talking about how outrageous it was.

    At least the yellow lines will stop more people from being caught out. So sorry about your 80 year old friend. That is just awful! I think everyone who got clamped and charged before the yellow lines deserves a refund - but I doubt very much that will happen!

    By MelBattams at 19:25 on 11/01/12

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    Update – I drove down Hawthorne Road today and there are yellow lines everywhere. So a little late and the Royal Mail sign is removed. No sign of clampers. StaineSiobhan – you wrote "The company who hired the clampers …………. have offered to talk to people who've had bad experiences". I would like to know who that is because my 80 year old friend was clamped and he had no money and no credit cards with him – needless to say he had a traumatising experience at the hands of the clampers.

    By geen_grind at 14:16 on 10/01/12

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    Yes, there have been reports in the local papers of incidents where the police have been called. It does seem quite mean spirited, verging on profiteering from unsuspecting individuals.

    By StaineSiobhan at 23:40 on 09/01/12

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    My brother got clamped along this road when he nipped in to pick up a letter at the post office - also got charged £130. It's an absolute disgrace - where does it say it's a private road and there are no yellow lines. There is a warning sign about the clampers but it's so small.

    I agree with geen_grind well done to the post office putting up a sign to try and warn people. I think the police have been called a few times as people have, quite rightly in my opinion, been furious about this clamping.

    The thing that is particularly infuriating is that the clampers are obviously hovering nearby and as soon as someone nips into the post office they strike. So many people collecting Christmas cards and presents got a big fat £130 clamping fee - happy blooming Christmas! Outrageous!

    By Steve_77 at 19:52 on 09/01/12

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